You wish to understand your dreams better? You are repeatedly confronted with the same dream and you don't know what it's telling you? In this free online event, we wanna share our perspectives on symbolism knowledge with you while referring to your particular dream experience.

We are Justin Land (philosopher & podcaster PhiloSoVibe) and Ina-Maria Pohl (psychologist & reiki-master). We are discussing the potential of our own dreams for quite a bit already. We also acknowledge the possibility of having access to our unconscious while we remember dreams. And so we are in the lucky state of being able to make use of it for our conscious.

A so far unseen perspective can bring relief or add up to solutions. The dream state is perfectly serving us with its unlimited creativity in symbolism. Dreams are truthful and give us unlimited possibilities to experience.

Bei diesem Kurs handelt es sich um ein eingebuchtes, externes Kursangebot aus der Healing Family. Für alle Inhalte ist ausschließlich der oder die Trainer/in verantwortlich.